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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Why should one opt for serviced apartments in India?

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A serviced apartment sometimes known as extended stay apartment is an apartment that is available for long-term or short-term stay. These apartments are sometimes fully furnished as well which will help a customer to get a hotel like facilities and amenities.
Many companies like corporate sectors, government offices frequently use the serviced apartments to help to host transferrable individuals, professionals who are on an international or local work assignment. Business professionals mainly occupy the serviced apartments, but they are available to the common and general public as well. Nowadays there are many serviced apartments Bangalore and many other places in India.
Facilities and amenities provided in a serviced apartment:
  • A separate sleeping area
  • In studio apartments, or one or more separate bedrooms
  • Fully equipped kitchen or kitchenette, having both dishwasher, washer, and dryer
  • A bathroom
  • A living area
  • Other utilities like water and electricity
  • Wi-Fi, television and some other latest in-room technologies
  • A weekly or frequently housekeeping services, (depends on the operators, how they provide the housekeeping services).

Some other subheadings under serviced apartments, which you may come across:
There are many serviced apartments Bangalore, but sometimes while searching for the same, you may find with some other names as well. These names are mentioned below.
  • Corporate Housing– These are furnished the apartment, house or condominium made available for lease or rent on a temporary basis, which is usually for 30 days or sometimes a little more. This kind of housing accommodation is much advantageous for corporate executives when they are on longer business trips or relocations, as these houses provide travelers a normal way of life other than hotels, providing the chance to cook, relax, etc. They may even spend some time away from the regular operating hours.
  • Aparthotel– These are the serviced apartments which are within a dedicated building. They offer 24-hour reception and other hotel-like services. They also offer facilities like an on-site gym or a communal lounge.


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