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Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Hotel for Rent in Best Residential Areas of Whitefield, Bangalore.

The furnished apartment offers more space and privacy than any general hotel or apartment. Along with this the up point of the Furnished Apartment in Whitefield Bangalore is that they are equipped with all the necessities like the fully furnished kitchen, a washing machine etc. Its flexibility in the stay offers residence for few days to years.
The Furnished Apartment in Whitefield Bangalore  offers more residential lifestyle and provides the home like feelings far from home. These apartments are preferred for company meets and pleasure tour. It is also preferred by irregular visitors as it provides more comfort along with less service cost.

The rooms are spacious and well-appointed along with the amenities- a sofa, a king sized bed, TV, LCD, dining set etc. The bathroom is also clean and well-dressed. The presence of a big size balcony gives an amazing view of the surrounding.
The Furnished Apartment in Whitefield Bangalore  also offer a fitness center, a multi-purpose hall and a ground for games and other activities. The landscape around it provides a good look at the apartment.

Thursday, 29 November 2018

Perfect alternative to expensive hotels in Bangalore

The luxurious apartments serviced apartments Bangalore are outstanding in terms of balancing the style, or in hospitality. The housekeeping and other services provided by them are extremely satisfying for the guests. The hotel rooms are extremely perfect for tourists as well as for business travelers.

The impeccable apartments, serviced apartments Bangalore are extremely lavish and facilitates with a feeling of home with privacy. The rooms are extremely spacey and have beautiful environments around them.  There are various recreations available in the hotels in Bangalore to perfectly suit your stylish leisure.

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Get the Serviced Apartments and Corporate Guest Houses

In case you are visiting a metropolis city for business purposes, a guesthouse can be the perfect venue for business meetings, with the additional privacy and adapted service available hosting your meetings at the furnished apartment in Whitefield Bangalore could be the added cherry on top.
Personalized Service
A great benefit of staying at a furnished apartment in Whitefield Bangalore is that the service is often more personalized than in a hotel. With fewer visitors usually staying at a guesthouse, it means the level of service received by guests will be more attentive. Thus ensuring the visitors receives the treatment they truly deserve.

Quicker Check In and Check Out
With fewer rooms and fewer guests staying at guesthouses it provides a nonviolent, relaxing environment to quickly and easily check in and check out. The check-in and out are much easier in these corporate houses.  You will surely feel that you are living in another home far from your home place.
Home-like environment
Service apartments are model for customers who want a home-like environment. Furnished apartment in Whitefield Bangalore is also better than guest houses in some respect as they have large spaces as well as self-cooking facilities. The compensation of service apartments is amplified if traveling or long periods.

Saturday, 24 November 2018

How to get Fully-Furnished Corporate Guest Houses in Bangalore?

Bangalore also gives you the chance to choose a fully furnished apartment in Whitefield Bangalore which offers the viability of being settled right at the center of town, with high-toned transport services or all elements of city and near attractions. There are some serviced apartments consists of rich beds with finest linens so as to make your longer stay comfy and opulent!
You must all know that furnished apartment in Whitefield Bangalore are also filled various other services and facilities like appropriate parking space, food arrangements with superb housekeeping, and much more just to meet your standard needs. There are lots of company websites available on a web which describes their best apartment and corporate guest houses services in Bangalore.

Many companies of corporate guest houses and furnished apartment in Whitefield Bangalore render food and beverage and recreation services which include top-class swimming pools, elegant restaurants and attractive fitness centers. Bangalore corporate housing company services are just meant for offering leisure and comfort to their customers.

Wednesday, 21 November 2018


The hotel and hospitality industry is going through a phase of the radical revolution. In fact, the prominent cities in the world are revolutionizing the hospitality industry by offering better service and facilities.Of late, the luxury serviced apartments are becoming the popular choice in major cities where business and leisure travel is a general occurrence. If you are one of those entrepreneurs who travel for business purposes to Bangalore, then you must find  serviced apartments Bangalore.
The benefits of service apartment:
The service apartments are equipped with all the modern amenities to offer a better experience. For the families that are keen on saving money should choose the luxury service apartment because it can make them save a lot of money on meals because the  service apartments Bangalore are equipped with the kitchen. In addition, the washer and dryers are also great ways of cutting down the amount of luggage.

Choosing the right apartment:
Living in a  serviced apartments  Bangalore would mean staying away from the commercial setting; in fact, you will be living in the neighborhood that means you can experience the culture and local food.Therefore, you need to find the right locality. The best way to find the best apartment is to search online for the service apartments. Make sure that you look at the amenities, the locality and other facilities that the apartments offer.

Monday, 19 November 2018

Advantage of staying in furnished apartment in Whitefield Bangalore India.

If you happen to move to the Bangalore for some time, it would be advisable to look for a furnished apartment in Whitefield Bangalore rather than going for an unfurnished apartment or a hotel. It makes no sense to spend too much of money in hotel and staying for many says. Also, it's not advisable to go on furnishing an apartment you want to move in; at least it should be equipped with necessary things. But it’s a wise decision to go for a furnished apartment and along with the furniture and amenities provided be at ease.

If you are renting an unfurnished apartment, it does not necessarily mean that you are saving the money. Initially, you will end up buying many things that you will face hard time keeping track of your purchases. Call it curtains, sofas, mattress, kitchen appliances, etc will all cost you a lot. So, furnished apartment in Whitefield Bangalore for staying is a good decision and cost effective too. TRANSTREE CORPORATE GUEST SUITES   http://www.transtree.in  have the answer for all your queries.

Saturday, 17 November 2018

Find the cheapest price for the transtree Apartment hotel Whitefield Bangalore.

If you travel less or infrequently then it becomes important to know about the options available for accommodation over there. The apartment hotels are less familiar with the people but are the best options for these kinds of conditions.
As the name suggests Apartment Hotel in Whitefield Bangalore combines the luxurious apartment with the best part of the hotel. Along with this, the apartment hotel provides a full kitchen along with the equipment required to live in. They rent their room for a minimum of a week. They offer rooms for both long term and short term stay.
Apart from this, the Apartment Hotel in Whitefield Bangalore provides a big size room with increase privacy. The room amenities include all the required amenities like a traditional hotel. Its big living space and a generous kitchen provide a home-like feeling apart from home. The apartment looks sweet from outside due to its location along with the presence of the pool and the landscape near the apartment hotel gives a decent view.

The apartment hotels are hired by the organizational workers who are looking for meetings and conferences apart from their home. Along with this families during their holiday visit looks for some comfort and prefer apartment hotels. 
Summary: - Thus the Apartment Hotel in Whitefield Bangalore are the best options for the business meets and the family visit during their holiday tours. They provide the combined effect of hotel and apartment and fulfills the need of the visitors with their wide range of stay.

Friday, 16 November 2018

The 4 Best Features of Furnished apartment in Whitefield Bangalore.

The privacy factor is its utmost in the service furnished apartment beside there are other benefits describe below.
Neat & Clean Bed Room:
The furnished apartment in Whitefield Bangalore has very good neat & clean well-furnished bedrooms. The good quality bed, sufficient space, comfortable mattresses are the unique feature of these furnished apartments and ensure the deep well sleep by the tired travelers.
Cooking Equipment:
Having all the cooking equipment and facility in the kitchen room is another best feature of the furnished apartment in Whitefield Bangalore. Cooking and eating at the apartment give the homely feeling to the travelers. The equipment like cooking gas, all utensils, fridge, microwave, grinder, oven and all others are available freely.

Fitness Accessories:
Fitness accessories are also coming under the best feature of furnished apartment in Whitefield Bangalore. Be healthy during the time of traveling is very necessary things for the travelers. For this reason, the service apartment facility includes the furniture and equipment for the home gym. Some apartment has a private swimming pool for a regular physical workout to stay fit & healthy.
Nowadays data is like a basic need for a human. Without data and internet, nothing works best. The internet is very essential for those who are traveling for business or any other professional reason. The high-speed Wi-Fi facility with unlimited data option in the service apartments makes a worthy living there. The high-speed Wi-Fi ensures unbreakable video call, chat & browsing.

Thursday, 15 November 2018

Apartment hotel Whitefield Bangalore perfect for business trip

People who are often on business trip know that it is so tiring and hectic. Therefore it is essential that you get relaxing environment at the end of the stressful day so that you can get some peace of mind. Apartment hotel Whitefield Bangalore is one such option to ease your day, where you can relax and rewind.

These apartments are made for a person who wants their tour should be like staying at home and at the same time visiting also. A fully fledged decorated room with all the necessary furniture makes you feel that you are at home. At the end of the tiring day after work soft bed with linen and listening to favorite music is just perfect. Apartment hotel Whitefield Bangalore makes it a comfortable stay for you when you are on your business trip. So when you are on your business trip think of http://www.transtree.in/ for a perfect solution.

Furnished Apartment in Whitefield Bangalore Provide Instant Home in the City

In the present days, the apartments are the convenient places for living due to their compact features. These accommodations are well equipped with all kinds of necessary living provisions.

If such compact arrangements become furnished, then the luxurious facilities become available instantly. The furnished apartment in Whitefield Bangalore is too convenient as a ready to move accommodation. This becomes especially useful to the new comers in the city. Such places are available both for purchasing and rent purposes.

The Furnished apartment in Whitefield Bangalore usually possesses the following amenities-
Ø  All required furniture to equip drawing, dinning and bedrooms.
Ø  The kitchen is also equipped with modular set up along with chimney or exhaust fan installation.
Ø  The electricity and water connection is made along with drinking water filtration arrangements.
Thus, the set up becomes attractive to the people, who want to avoid the hectic shifting at the time of relocation

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

The place with best location and view of the surrounding.

There is a huge number of service providers in Bangalore who are looking to please people with the service. But the service is not only the point on which people are aiming to book their residential. Many people are covering all the features and then select best from them.
The serviced Villa in Whitefield Bangalore is the place that is fulfilling all the major needs on which the occupants select the apartment for their residence. They are supplied with the fully furnished Villa around the country yard for the irregular visitors. Thus, the serviced villa offers a high-level country house to the occupants with a huge flexibility in the stay.

Along with this, the serviced Villa in Whitefield Bangalore are residing in the main region of the city and are offering an easy excess to the major parts of the city. You are now thinking about the details of the apartments. Let me tell this section too. The rooms come equipped with all the necessary facilities required to live in.
The facilities are not limited to this, the villa offers some increased level of privacy and space. Thus the serviced Villa in Whitefield Bangalore offers the best alternative for achieving the daily needs at such a lesser price.

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Difference between an apartment hotel and a traditional hotel.

A few years ago, traditional hotel is preferred by the visitors while moving to another location for achieving their business meets and holiday visits. But with the passage of time, the people are becoming more sensitive and are looking for the accommodation that will offer the best service at an effective rate. In order to fulfill such requirements, the service providers came with a new approach. But many people are confused between the terms Apartment hotels Whitefield Bangalore. So here I am trying to cover all the basic difference between the two.

The Apartment hotels Whitefield Bangalore are equipped with both individual guest rooms and apartments in the same building but the hotels are provided to offer individual rooms only. The apartment hotel offers an extended stay facility which is not at all available in the traditional hotels.
The renting of apartment hotel is similar to the general apartment but offers an easy checkout facility to the occupants which are not provided in the Apartment hotels Whitefield Bangalore. Along with this, the apartment hotels provide the parallel service at a lesser cost than a traditional hotel.
By knowing about these up points, you must guess the difference between the two and can easily select the best and effective service providers among them.

Friday, 9 November 2018

Serviced Villa the New Era of Accommodation

Serviced Villa is the new age accommodation service preferred by a huge number of people for staying at outside the home. The Serviced Villa has many different room types for its guest like the studio, one bedroom villa or two-bedroom villa etc. along with a huge number of modern services and facilities inside this villa.
Studio Villa:
This category is the well furnished serviced villa in Whitefield Bangalore with all different types of equipment, furniture for a comfortable luxurious living. There are also two different types of specialty in villa superior and luxurious. The luxurious villa has a wonderful terrace, high-speed internet, shower, home the atre, steam shower and many more.
One / Two-bedroom Villa:
These are also the same as the studio villa as per the luxury and comfort is concerned. These villas are always available in bedroom, drawing room, kitchen room, dining hall and balcony or terrace for comfortable living. Equipment like dishwasher, microwave, and TV & cable channel is common amenities so most of the travelers like it very much.

Multi specialty Facilities:
The serviced villa in Whitefield Bangalore has many different multi specialty facilities for its rental guests. The facilities like local Wi-Fi all over the boundary of the villa, special parking space for a car, personal gym for fitness, meeting or conference room for the business purpose, playground, and swimming pool in both indoor as well as outdoor are some of the common facilities one can avail there.
24/7 Services:
The serviced villa in Whitefield Bangalore is well known for its 24/7 hour service for its guest. The service starts with bed tea in the morning and continues till next day bed tea. The other essential services like a babysitter for kids, housekeeping for household works, laundry services are available easily. The service like medical and grocery delivery is reached at the doorstep on call.
The above plus points of serviced villa turned it to the best accommodation of this era.

Saturday, 3 November 2018

The first choice of the pleasure takers in serviced villa Whitefield Bangalore.

serviced Villa Whitefield Bangalore in the place having some name and fame in the country as well as the international level. Along with the name, the city is equipped with all the higher section of various fields. So most of the business visitors and the pleasure takers are aiming to prefer place for their use.
The pleasure takers hire it for meeting their level of fun and joy with their partner during their visit. The location of the place adds an up point because of its amazing view of the beach from the apartment.
The serviced Villa Whitefield Bangalore offers the feeling of the country house in Bangalore along with a wide range of stay varying from few days to years.

The rooms are also kind and include the amenities like a big bed, a tv, a kitchen with all equipment, a well-maintained bathroom, a dining set etc. So the rooms are fully furnished and provide all the facilities required to achieve the hotel like feelings here.
With all such facilities, the serviced Villa Whitefield Bangalore is charging a very less cost than the traditional hotel. So attracting people towards itself for achieving comfort at such an affordable price.

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Whitefield Service Apartment is located in Bangalore

The Serviced Villa in Whitefield Bangalore is the best option for the visitors looking for fully furnished villas. It offers rooms with large space and privacy at the edge of the sea. The view of the sea looks fabulous along with the fresh and cold air. Thus the villas are the best option for the tourist and the visitors during their holidays.
The serviced villa in Whitefield Bangalore provides room for long and short stay. Thus provides more flexibility to the visitor.
On considering its room facilities the rooms are spacious including the amenities like a big king size bed, a soft and stiffened sofa, a dining set, TV, LCD etc. The bathrooms are cleans and place with modern equipment. The kitchen is equipped to fulfill all the needs.
The location of the serviced villa is also perfect and is situated in the core region of Bangalore and is just steps far from the high-class transport facilities. The villa gives the home like feeling when not at home. The villa shows a sweet view of the nearby region.
 Along with the room facilities the villa offers a pool and a landscape to provide calmness and freshness during the walk.
Apart from these things, the villa delivers these facilities at a comparable price.
Summary: - The Serviced Villa in Whitefield Bangalore provides luxury facilities at comparable cost. The villa offers a solution to the families during their holiday visits and provides more privacy than a traditional hotel.

Monday, 29 October 2018

furnished apartments available for rent in Whitefield Bangalore.

The furnished apartment in Whitefield Bangalore has very good neat & clean well-furnished bedrooms. The good quality bed, sufficient space, comfortable mattresses are the unique feature of these furnished apartments and ensure the deep well sleep by the tired travelers.
Cooking Equipment:
Having all the cooking equipment and facility in the kitchen room is another best feature of the furnished apartment in Whitefield Bangalore. Cooking and eating at the apartment give the homely feeling to the travelers. The equipment like cooking gas, all utensils, fridge, microwave, grinder, oven and all others are available freely.

Fitness Accessories:
Fitness accessories are also coming under the best feature of furnished apartment in Whitefield Bangalore. Be healthy during the time of traveling is very necessary things for the travelers. For this reason, the service apartment facility includes the furniture and equipment for the home gym. Some apartment has a private swimming pool for a regular physical workout to stay fit & healthy.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Positive Effect of Investment in Potential Real Estate

The transparent option of investment in the real estate market has a huge impact among the different properties like villas, house, apartments etc. A lot of people have shown a strong interest in buying much-anticipated properties without having any concerns about impacting tax structures. You have freedom of finding the perfect luxury for yourself.
The Serviced villa in Whitefield Bangalore has the majestic aura of luxury and comfort around them. You can surely enjoy the design and the preference for adding some decoration ideas to space. You can channel the green hobby of growing your own herbs. You can enjoy slanting roofs and hardwood flooring in the villas.
An embodiment of Perfectly Designed Villas
You can enjoy staying inside the gated society where you can enjoy opting the best of both worlds, you can get a treat to yourself by finding a comfortable space with all amenities and facilities in the Serviced villa in Whitefield Bangalore. The villas can be the investment of your dream home.

The quintessential locality surrounding the villa can be the much better deal than investing in the hustling areas around the neighborhood. The promised appreciation rate of investment is the ideal solution offered to your family to reside. The pollution-free surroundings around the Serviced villa in Whitefield Bangalore is a benefit.
Best Privileges of Luxurious Villas
You can bid adieu to those days of neighbor space. There is a great deal of privacy. The parties and family get-together can be held without any disturbance. The villa can nurture your family with the great reaping of investment. The well-defined option of renting out the unused space can be a better deal.
The vastness and grandeur of serviced villas are under full security. The potential team of guards is hired which are reliable and uninvites any break-in. The luxury of enjoying the opulence of the villa makes it the perfect deal of investment for your family.


Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Furnished Apartments for Rent in Whitefield, Bangalore

In fully furnished apartments in Whitefield Bangalore, you can expect everything needed to feel like home. As it won’t allow you to buy anything more to live in. The fully furnished apartment in Whitefield Bangalore contains the following items: -
    Geezer for hot water supply in bathrooms.
     An air condition for cool air supply during summer.
    Kitchen equipped with required appliances like refrigerator, microwave etc.
    Curtains, bed sheets, TV, dining set etc.
The washing machine is included in the apartments containing two or more bedrooms.
The rooms of the fully furnished apartment in Whitefield Bangalore are fully furnished and are established to fulfill the needs of business visitors. They fulfill the requirements for a longer or extended stay. The rooms provide all the required facilities like a traditional hotel and supplies extreme comfort and facilities at a comparable price.

The apartment is provided with parks and ground for outdoor games. The apartment is well-maintained with the inner amenities like a multi-purpose hall, a 24 hours working reception, a gym for fitness, a big room for indoor games etc.
On talking about the location the apartment is located in the heart of Bangalore and can be accessed easily by any means of transportation. The apartment is made with a well-maintained landscape to provide fresh feeling at any time.
Summary: - Thus fully furnished apartments in Whitefield Bangalore are equipped with all the required amenities that are required to live in. The apartments contain some extra amenities and provide the luxurious look.

Saturday, 13 October 2018

Serviced villa in Whitefield is located in Bangalore

Serviced villa’ is a quite new term in the vocabulary to indicate a temporary stay at few places due to several reasons. The term ‘hotel’ is quite familiar in comparison to the service Villa. To the personal stay or to accommodate the guests in Bangalore, the Serviced villa in Whitefield Bangalore can be a real destination.

Why Take a Serviced Villa?
To take the service of the Villa, it's necessary to have an explicit knowledge about such places and the advantages of this kind of places. The hotel is a quite common term, and from the exterior, it seems that the hotel and serviced villa in Whitefield are quite the same, but there are some fundamental differences between these two. It is a kind of accommodation where the similar facilities like hotels are available with more private and self-touches.

How? You can understand from the following points-

    Private and Homely Environment:
Hotels can provide the facilities like comfortable bed, beddings, room services, tea, coffee services along with the securities to you and your valuable commodities. But in this new kind of accommodations, you can enjoy a sort of homely atmosphere by preparing your food in the kitchen available along with the rooms to avoid daily outside foods. Instead, you can enjoy the tea and coffee in your procedure and time just like the home. You can prepare your coffee even in the midnight, and for sure this service may not be available in many of the hotels all the times.

    Cost Effectiveness:
For one or two days stay, the cost of this kind of accommodation and hotel may appear same, but if you have to stay somewhere for a long time or a few months, you can realize the enormous difference in the total cost. For the hotel rooms, the price of the rooms is fixed per night, whereas the Serviced villa in Whitefield Bangalore may get you a considerable amount of discount in the monthly charge/rent at your convenience.
The services on Serviced villa in Whitefield Bangalore are offered by many hotels itself for the long term staying purposes. They are satisfactorily equipped with all desired features to have a ‘home far away from home’ for the guests.

Friday, 12 October 2018

Make preference for the apartment hotel Whitefield Bangalore for the short stay in the city.

The primary economy says you can cut down your expenses if you put every step carefully. Expenditures show its true colors at times, when you have to stay in some expensive city like Bangalore for a short period but that is more than a week. On the other hand, it is also natural to look for a cozy homely atmosphere even in the short stay. In such case, the accommodation of the apartment hotel Whitefield Bangalore is the best option to keep both sides.

Primary reasons to move forward from the primitive modes of accommodation
In such cases, as the first options- you can stay at a relative’s house and book a hotel for the shorter stay like two-three days. But if you have come to wait for more than a week the first two options are not so logical. It is because you must need a freedom to do your work and to come and go, which is not possible as a guest. At the same time, you need to avoid too much expenditure, which is unavoidable if you stay at a hotel. Then what is the third option? The third option is comparatively new in respect of the others, and that is apartment hotel whitefield bangalore. In case of staying in the city,

Usually, people come to this town for medical, official assignments, education-examination, and cultural shows. For an irregular inhabitant, it is necessary to stay at a location from where the entire city is accessible. The apartment hotel Whitefield Bangalore provides the location facility along with other homely arrangements in hotel-like short stay accommodation.

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