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Showing posts with label luxury guest house in bangalore. Show all posts

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Transtree guest house for high-flying executives and frequent business travelers to Bangalore Karnataka India.

If you are a traveller and like adventurous trips, you can chose luxury guest houses instead of hotels for a better experience at an affordable cost. You can rediscover more places that traditional tourists miss out and bag more pleasant experiences within your budget if you prefer luxury guest houses instead of five-star or three-star hotels.
Distinct environment
The luxury guest houses depict distinct architecture and environment which assures more tranquillity and privacy in comparison with hotels. The amenities offered in luxury guest house in Bangalore may vary from place to place but the stay gives you a unique experience. You can experience a great comfort zone unlike chaos at some hotels.
You can experience the warmth of hospitality in luxury guest houses unlike some hotels. Most of the hotels treat you as a customer but in luxury houses, the staff will receive you warmly and take care of you like you are one among them. You can get delicious food like your household style on your demand. You can enjoy the comfort of your home by the peaceful environment at these places.
Coming to the luxury guest house in Bangalore, amenities like TV, Wi-Fi, cable connection, gym, tennis court and swimming pool make you feel like you are at your home besides entertainment.  These amenities vary with the place you are staying in and the budget you can afford. Cleanliness and cozy look are maintained in everything from marble flooring to wooden furniture. Excellent quality is assured in providing comfortable living space in the luxury guest houses.
Unlike hotels, you can mingle with your co-travelers and interact with them in a friendly environment because of home-like surroundings provided. The final thing is, you can avail all these benefits at an affordable cost when compared to hotels.

Monday, 20 November 2017

Things that are demanding in luxury guest house

A tone of the luxury guest house in Bangalore highlight among the other cities. Indeed, one of the luxury guest houses associations, the Bangalore Guesthouse, is appraised to be the third best five-star guest houses on the planet today. It is respect that is to a high degree high and lofty and potentially hard to be coordinated by whatever else on the planet today. As far as decisions Bangalore has a ton to offer, considering that isn't a huge city.
Things required during travelling
Amid crest travel seasons, it isn't unusual to see a well-known guest house association getting a high number of calls. The luxury guest house in Bangalore even has a holding up list on occasion, regardless of their high cost. Because of this reality, individuals tend to book right on time keeping in mind the end goal to maintain a strategic distance from the occasion surge. Another favourable position of doing this is you may even get a decent value, which resembles the good to beat all. There is not at all like being luxuriated in luxury at an absolute bottom cost. It is a perfect condition and something that you ought to maybe consider if you haven't settled on where precisely you might want to remain.

Whenever you are in Bangalore and are in a state of mind to spoil you, doesn’t consider whatever else other than a decent luxury guest house. You ought to book luxury guest house before you arrive with the goal that you are prepared for comfort and can presumably be casual and not consider whatever else.  

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Choose the luxurious guest house in Bangalore

If you are coming to Bangalore for the business purpose then you have the best option to stay in the luxury guest house in Bangalore which is located in the middle of the city. It is equipped with the fully furnished room and gives the great comforts to the guest. Now you do not need to go anywhere and live comfortably in the luxurious guest house that perfectly meets your requirement.

Get incredible facilities
Here you can stay comfortably and get the incredible facilities. You will find the on-site parking system and it has the affectionate ambiance that enriches your lifestyle. Luxury guest house in Bangalore has the King size and twin’s bed. Here you can get the multi-cuisine breakfast and perfect hospitality. You can get the luxurious service and facilities and it has the wide rooms which has the great outside view. It is available at affordable price and help in saving your time and money.   

Friday, 13 October 2017

Enjoy the Luxury Serviced Apartments in Bangalore

Luxury is not only a self-desire but also it is a mean to welcome some valued guests. In case of short stays of few months the best option is to go for a serviced apartment. If you want luxury that too is available in the luxury serviced apartments in Bangalore.
The Fundamentals of the Serviced Apartments
The serviced apartment is comparatively a newer concept in respect to the inns and hotels. This kind of accommodation is gaining its popularity fast due to its facilitating features.

  • It is well equipped in BHK format just as a residential apartment.
  • Food preparation facilities are available along with fuel-burner connections.
  • High definition TV, fridge, washing machine and other electronic equipments are installed for the daily household activities purposes along with the luxurious furnishing.
  • Professional workers are also available on demand.
Even more extra ordinary and sensuous setting is added in the luxury serviced apartments in Bangalore.

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

About the Luxury Guesthouse in Bangalore

Guesthouse is actually a hotel in small scale. It is not as big as hotels but their facilities and luxuries can compete the facilities and offerings that of the hotels. In that respect, if you are in search of luxury in affordable price, the luxury guesthouse in Bangalore is a good option to take for yourself or to refer your guests.
Advantages of the Luxury Guest houses in Bangalore
The desire for luxury is natural. Everybody may long to have a luxurious lodging during some short-term stays. Apart from that it may be necessary to accommodate the guests in luxurious environment as a part of courtesy of the hosts to them. Under such requirements the luxury guesthouse Bangalore offers the following facilities-

  • Food and beverages delivery services
  • Laundry and ironing
  • Extra ordinary room set up and bedding arrangements.
  • Regular cleaning and room services to reset the extra ordinary atmosphere.
Over all, this place serves the luxury provoking enjoyment appropriately

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Book your luxury guest house in Bangalore well in advance

Booking for yourself on holiday a luxury guest house in Bangalore well in advance will surely save time for you. When you are in a hurry, you forget the accommodation reservation and then end up paying high for your preferred hotel or apartment. So it’s a wise decision to plan for the holidays well in advance because it helps in buying the best suitable option. Also, it gives you a variety of choices to choose from and then just can relax enjoying it.

Also, there is another significant advantage of booking for the accommodation that it always fetches discounted rates. If the person books in off season for the accommodation then there is a huge difference in rate than if you book it just before the vacation, you will end up paying higher rates. Luxury guest house in Bangalore can be easily searched by looking online for TRANSTREE http://www.transtree.in/

Tuesday, 26 September 2017


When the holiday packages are talked about, the discussion over the lodging arrangement is but evident and natural. The hotels, motels, guest houses are some of the options to choose from. The selection depends on various factors like the rates, the facilities being provided, the location from different spots to roam around, the locality, views from the room, etc.
Reasons to select Guest house

The luxury guest house in Bangalore is within the affordable range of prices. On comparing the prices of the hotels with guest rooms, one can have the same facilities at lesser prices. The companies usually conduct the business meetings here subject to the conference values desired.
The business of the guest house has been flourished these days owing to the improvement in the quality of living of the people and the increase in the industrial area in Bangalore. The revenue generation of the guest houses in Bangalore will ultimately help the government to establish the image in the context of the tourist spot and the business hub meetings. 

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Book your luxury guest house in Bangalore well in advance

Booking for yourself on holiday a luxury guest house in Bangalore well in advance will surely save time for you. When you are in a hurry, you forget the accommodation reservation and then end up paying high for your preferred hotel or apartment. So it’s a wise decision to plan for the holidays well in advance because it helps in buying the best suitable option. Also, it gives you a variety of choices to choose from and then just can relax enjoying it.

Also, there is another significant advantage of booking for the accommodation that it always fetches discounted rates. If the person books in off season for the accommodation then there is a huge difference in rate than if you book it just before the vacation, you will end up paying higher rates. Luxury guest house in Bangalore can be easily searched by looking online for TRANSTREE http://www.transtree.in/ .

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Get The Best Service Apartment In Whitefield Bangalore.

If you are a service holder person and need to stay in Whitefield, Bangalore, then you can consider Serviced Apartments for NCR Companies in Whitefield Bangalore because the service apartments are spacious, well-defined and valuable services have been designed to give home comforts to the clients. The serviced suites are sprawling into the nearby neighborhood. The serviced apartments can provide you the space for private living. You can avail the parking place if you have your car. Otherwise, you can use the transport service which is also readily available. You will get the necessary source of entertainment like internet, television, DVD, cable, etc


Demand for Serviced Apartments for NCR Companies.

With the development of business and tourism, the demand for Serviced Apartments for NCR Companies in Whitefield Bangalore is consistently rising.  Therefore, if you are planning to invest in this type of project which is built by a developer, or you have to tie up with the travel agent to get the client on a regular basis. If your project is in the best location, the client will contact you or your agent directly. You will get a good return on the investment than from the regular rentals. Your property should be maintained and inspected regularly. Your serviced apartment will be less damaged because the tenants will stay for a few days or short term, and then they move out. Thus, you will get a regular flow of income, provided your project has an excellent location.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Living in a hotel or rented house for a long time? Well, it’s not a smart idea and also an expensive one!

Living in a hotel or rented house for a long time? Well, it’s not a smart idea and also an expensive one! You can now buy Fully Furnished apartment in Whitefield Bangalore.  It might be tough to carry the furniture’s and other assets.
But it’s not always a good idea because everything has two aspects that are benefits and disadvantages. Let’s have a look over the few pros and cons of having a Fully Furnished apartment in Whitefield Bangalore that may help you in a better way to make the decision.    
Pros and cons:
  • They make moving easieras one need not to move assets like furniture; refrigerator etc as it becomes easier. On the other hand it tends to be expensive because of all the required necessities inbuilt and rent is higher compared to the regular apartments.
  • The furnished apartment saves money because it doesn’t make any convenience charges in transportation and the apartment looks luxury as it’s made as per the interior concept. The cons is that one has to take care of the furniture as it is the rental property until the apartment is purchased and damage may cause extra expense.
In addition to the above mentioned points, sometimes we also find that the furnished apartment does not have that quality of furniture. Like the assets place are not properly adjusted or are not as per the size. The quality of the furniture may be not as per the expectation.
If you have planned to stay in a cozy environment than overlooking minute cons having the fully furnished apartment in Whitefield Bangalore is a better option. Since the apartments and houses in rent are expensive in Bangalore so, when it comes to sharing with friends it is affordable else it’s always a wise decision to purchase an apartment. The other best thing is one need not to make any extra effort and can expense in the interior.
The best thing of having a fully furnished apartment is one has to not bear any stress and it is always a ready to move place.

Monday, 22 August 2016

Serviced Apartments Bangalore india

Glorious World of Serviced Apartments Bangalore, India Unleashed

Travelling to distant places, whether for vacation or business purpose, brings along certain concerns. One of them is finding suitable staying option. Though, there are hotels available for a comfortable stay; but, whooping charges that refrain people from living in them. This necessitated for the development of the concept of serviced apartments Bangalore india  that tends to be fully furnished. In fact, it is a perfect idea for frequent travelers because they find a hotel stay to be a costly affair. 

Advantageous Aspect:

Decorated with the lavished surroundings and decked up by quality services like furnishing, maid or even broadband, the serviced apartments have been an instant hit. 

  1. Powered with compelling interiors that are no less than hotels.
  2. Backed by quality services like the internet, swimming pool, television, custom crafted furniture and unique locations.
  3. Offers high-quality services and comfort level.
  4. Available in varied sizes as per visitor’s need.
It is the sense of privacy and quality living standards that have enabled people to vouch for servicedapartments Bangalore india . As all know, hotels have a set rules and regulations with strict time slots allotted for check-in or check-out. On the other side of the coin, serviced apartments are personalized and the person staying in them have their own timings to live.  This means that they do not have any kind of restrictions. Moreover, the best thing about such apartments is that they have lower rents than the hotels. Obviously, saving on the amount spent for rent is surely a wonderful thing to be carried out.

Serviced apartments are a wonderful idea to stand in perfect contrast to pricey hotels. With well-furnished rooms and customized services available, staying in it is the perfect option. It is quite obvious that staying in hotels on frequent outstation visits can turn out to troublesome. Who likes to shell out hard earned money in just finding the ideal staying option fitted well within the budget? 

Sophisticated, comfortable, and pocket-friendly are the right words to explain the brilliance of serviced apartments. After all, saving on money and getting the best of services always brings a smile on the face of travelers. 

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Luxury serviced apartments Bangalore

Serviced apartments Bangalore provides an excellent alternative stay to the traditional hotels!!

Moving to Bangalore? And, looking for the accommodation? Oh! You might be planning for the hotels, but a better option to reside is available rather than going for hotels in Bangalore.

Service apartments are the latest trend and now available easily. It fits perfectly as per the requirements and gives the better idea of accommodation. Residing in hotels is same that we do always in almost of the places. The apartments give a style and luxury not only for the short but for the long time stay also. Beside this it also gives privacy to stay and help to enjoy the stay like your home with friends and family. It is also appropriate for the business purpose.  

Offering a number of characteristics the luxury serviced apartments in Bangalore these offers high facility then the traditional hotels. A new difference and idea to stay outside your home like resort is bought by the luxury apartments as it gives whole private life that is not possible in hotels (because of no frequent housekeeping service). The spacious living in apartment gives comfort and idea to the industries that makes it a 5 star rating. Bangalore is a city of crowd and it expensive too, so, the luxury serviced apartment Bangalore also gives an affordable stay. The cheap pricing comforts in making the stay for long days say a month also which do not dig a hole in the pocket of an average man, but getting to a hotel is really expensive. 

Providing a luxury stay in apartment is not a game and so this experience could be taken when a person select the best Bangalore serviced apartment. To stay in apartment complete arrangements as well as laundry to housekeeping is available. The beautiful garden, swimming pool and gym like facilities are available in the apartment to make your stay pleasant and memorable. The unique feature of making a stay in apartment is that one can enjoy the taste of food cooked at home because of the available cooking facility. Whether it’s a wedding stay, idea to holiday or a reunion party facility for all is available with the luxury servicedapartments Bangalore.
Enjoy a perfect stay in the apartment of Bangalore on rent today!!

Monday, 7 March 2016

Top reasons to stay at luxury serviced apartments

Do you know what serviced apartments are? These apartments or units are great option compared to the hotels. A luxury apartment is a great option for all the tourists and Relocators. Some may offer you additional benefits to appeal to your idea of having fun. You may choose a fully furnished apartment as per your own preference and requirement. 

  • ·         A home like environment

Luxuryserviced apartments are generally offered to travelers so that they can live peacefully and feel like they are at their home. A luxury apartment becomes your home and makes your stay more enjoyable. 

  • ·         Lifestyle advantages 

A hotel room may cramp your style of living, but a serviced apartment entertains you the way you want. You can enjoy your own space and make meetings, events and family functions easier with separate space for relaxing, working and eating. 

·         Best for business travelers

If you are relocating, working or contract or going for a short visit, serviced apartments are perfect for you. You may avoid your stay at the hotel and enjoy amenities like broadband, TV, cable channels, etc in your stay. 

  • ·         Save money

Luxury apartments are the economic way of enjoying your lifestyle. The price that you need to pay is per apartment and not per person. So you can save a lot this way. You may also cook your own meal and avoid eating out all the time. 

  • ·         Feel good factor

The first few days in a new country can be disorienting and difficult. A luxuryserviced apartment with spaces and all amenities of your home can be an enlightened investment that pays back in terms of motivation and effectiveness. 

These apartments combine the comfort of your home with all the luxuries of the world. You may get your home feeling without paying prohibitive cost. While looking for a serviced apartment, it is important to keep your expectations in mind. Many luxuries serviced apartments, Bangalore offer health club, spa, swimming pool and other services at great discounts. Some are located centrally for easy commute.

Friday, 26 February 2016

Furnished apartment in Whitefield Bangalore

Serviced Apartment in Whitefield Bangalore Provides A1 Amenities

The well furnished apartment in Whitefield Bangalore is undoubtedly glossy and eco-friendly. It enables employees and businessmen to make overnight stays without boredom.   This corporate apartment provides all luxuries and amenities to upscale people.

Have unmixed upscale living experience by booking the furnished serviced apartment in Whitefield Bangalore. You will get all A1 amenities which 4 start hotels offer to customers. Bring thrill and happiness to your life by spending few days in such a glossy air conditioned establishment. This opulent apartment in Bangalore has the inexplicable beauty with classic decoration. Feel free to invite your friends to dine with you. 

Glossy Serviced Apartment with Excellent Décor 

This multistoried apartment stands on the stretch of 3000 square feet area which is reinforced with   solid brick and mortar walls. There is lot of space inside the building with a green lawn for recreation. This hotel cum apartment is furnished with precious furniture pieces, and world class lighting fixtures.   This corporate guest house is open to rich customers who can make overnight stays in this luxurious corporate guest house comfortably. 

More Innovation in Interior Décor with Availability of Good Amenities

This furnishedserviced apartment in Whitefield Bangalore is actually reserved or booked for only employees and executives.  Many busy officers, and businessmen need accommodation .They   book this apartment to live in. However, this corporate serviced apartment doesn’t allow residents or common persons to book rooms.  However, this city based gorgeous corporate guest house or serviced apartment provides remarkable options for indoor recreations.  Marbled rooms   of the apartment   are designed with excellent sophisticated   electronic gadgets like plazma LCD television sets, computers with internet, and audio system.  Besides, there are water slides with cool swimming pool to attract young visitors to play with aromatic water.  To shrug off stress after working hard, you need fresh water for refreshing your body.  Glass made shower cubicles must provide premium comfort to you to remove lethargy. Stay in a beautifully decorated room at low cost. 
This furnished apartment in WhitefieldBangalore has the awe-inspiring decoration with marvelous outdoor décor.  This building is impressive with remarkable infrastructural elegance.  Book rooms in this serviced apartment Bangalore online.  Pre-booking option is given to busy businessmen and professionals.  Get complete life security and good amenities when you visit this magnificent corporate guest house. 
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