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Friday, 14 July 2017

What are serviced apartments? Finding the Important Facts

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A serviced apartment sometimes known as extended stay apartment is an apartment that is available for long-term or short-term stay. These apartments are sometimes fully furnished as well which will help a customer to get a hotel like facilities and amenities like room service, a laundry room, a fitness center, a rec room, etc. Some of them are even well equipped with kitchens, in-apartment washers, dryers, and Wi-Fi.
Many companies like corporate sectors, government offices frequently use the serviced apartments to help to host transferrable individuals, professionals who are on an international or local work assignment. Usually, these executives stay in serviced apartments Bangalore India as many corporate companies have their hub in these places and hence place their executives to these locations. It is very common for these officials to stay in such serviced apartments temporarily as they will be searching for a relocation or permanent residence. Business professionals mainly occupy the serviced apartments, but they are available to the common and general public as well.
Why prefer serviced apartments over hotel stays?
Serviced Apartments Bangalore India offer facilities much similar to a traditional hotel but with some exceptions. They provide more space, privacy, and convenience. They have private cooking facilities, which may be a kitchenette or a full-size kitchen with washing machine and dishwasher. They also provide sleeping and living areas that are larger than many of the standard rooms available in hotels. They also offer access to restaurants, gyms, concierges, meeting space and many more things.
 Not only space and privacy but the serviced apartments are the best options to stay because of price as well. Price as such there is not much difference in price when compared to the cost of a hotel room, as one can get the same amenities in hotels but in hotels, they can’t prepare their food.  


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