Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Why Corporate Guest Houses Are Better Than Hotels?

Companies these days conduct training sessions for a month or so before recruiting applicants as permanent employees. The trainees are required to live there for a period and take part in all the necessary activities.
In the course of training, the trainees are provided with corporate guest houses to stay in there. Often professionals on a business tour in Bangalore opt to stay in a furnished apartment in Whitefield Bangalore than a pricey hotel.
Why corporate guest house is better than a hotel?
A corporate guest house is a place where professionals stay during the course of their business trip. These guest houses are considered better than hotels for several reasons –
  1. Less expensive
First things first, the hotel rooms are quite expensive and often over-priced. Business tours are generally of one or two days but can extend to a week or more. In such a case, checking into a hotel does not seem to be a feasible idea at all, completely furnished apartment in Whitefield Bangalore serving as guest houses are more affordable than a five- star hotel.
  1. More spacious
 In a corporate guest house, there is a separate kitchen you can cook your meals by yourself or the chef can do that for you, dining room, bedroom, lawn and parking space at a relatively lesser price. Hotels rooms, on the other hand, are small and too dark to stay for as long as a week.
  1. Well-equipped
 These guest houses are well-equipped and possess all the basic amenities required for a comfortable stay. You get a personal chef, cleaning staff and a calmer place to be. Hotels are more crowded as compared to the guest houses which make it a better place to stay.
  1. Feels like home
 While touring especially for business purpose feeling home-sick is obvious and inevitable. The furnished apartment in Whitefield Bangalore used as guest houses feel like home so that you don’t miss your loved ones much.

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