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Tuesday, 8 May 2018

The Privileges of the Serviced Apartments Bangalore India

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The demand and the popularity of the serviced apartments are increasing day by in Bangalore. As being a developed, high-tech city and the IT capital of India, every day many people have to come here for different reasons. Among them, who have to stay for a longer time like a few months, generally prefers serviced apartments Bangalore India.
ü  The Comparison of the concept with Hotels 
The concept of the ‘serviced apartment' and the ‘hotel' is almost same. Both are short time accommodation at a place. But the difference lies here-
§  The rent of the serviced apartments is counted, usually, on the monthly or weekly basis, whereas the hotel's rooms count costs on daily basis.

§  The biggest difference is that the serviced apartments have a kitchen, which is unavailable in the hotel rooms. Therefore, people can prepare their own food and don't have to depend on outside dishes.
§  Apart from the kitchen, this type of accommodations is equipped with other homely facilities like washing provision, security and the atmosphere of the home-stay.
§  The security and other tailored services are available like hotels.

Due to all these reasons, people, who have issues with local food tastes and accommodation budgets, usually prefer to stay in serviced apartments Bangalore India.


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